Description and Image

Big dark ginger tom with rippling aurburn tabby stripes, dark chartreuse eyes that seem a bit large, broad shoulders, narrow "V" shaped nose, thick scruff around neck, large paws, sharp facial features, old healed bite marks in left ear, thick pelt, fluffy tail, broad chest and belly, especially furry hindquaters and rump, long legs, paler ginger chest and underbelly, fur bunched between his toes, large ears, long tail, wide scar on his chin and muzzle from once when he smashed it on a stone while swimming, creates a bit of a crooked affect but feels straight and bumpy.

Past and Current Names

Kit: Fire of Burning Willow (Fire)

Training Cat: Fire of Burning Willow (Fire)

Assesing Cat: Fire of Burning Willow (Fire)

Tribe Guard: Fire of Burning Willow (Fire)

Loner: Fire of Burning Willow (Fire)

Apprentice: Firepaw

Warrior: Firewing


Past: Cats of Endless Fields, Loner

Current: RiverClan


Trainer: Claws Like The Moon At Midnight (Midnight)

Apprentices: Ashwing


Mother: Feather of Swan (Swan)

Father: Howl of Lone Wolf (Wolf)

Aunt: Red Feathers on the Robin (Robin)

Mates: Tree In The Valley (Valley), Cinderleg

Sister: Eyes Like Willow Leaves (Leaf)

Brothers: Sparks on Dusk Wind (Spark), Bark of Ancient Willow (Bark)


On a windy night on the open valley yowls can be heard from a distressed and pained queen. Fire is born along with Leaf, Spark, and Bark. Leaf is a small brown tabby she-cat with emerald eyes later in life. Spark is a bolt-yellow tom with orange eyes. Bark is a very pale gray tom with dark gray patches and indigo-violet eyes. Fire is a ginger tabby with green eyes. He is told the tales of the ancient field cats snd the elders life stories as a kit, and is made a Training Cat to Midnight when he is three moons old. She teaches him to hunt in the open fields, and to respect the single tree, the Ancient Willow, in their valley home, how to fight off predetors and even cats, manners, and anything she could ever think about. He begins to train with a cat named Willow In The Valley, or shorter, Valley. They train mainly together, but a fox attack that mangled one of his ear tips and scars his pelt sends her to Moss on Gnarled Roots' (Moss) den with scratched eyes. They become infected, and he is put into his assesment at nine moons. The assesment is called the Assessing Sunrises, and the Training Cat is assesed for about three days. Some cats hardly survive, and if they give up or break the laws put down for it they are forced to be train longer. His particular one lasted three days. On the first day, he would hunt at sunhigh and everyone would be fed by him alone, him not allowing to feed and just water. The next day, he is not allowed to eat or drink, and sent to chase out  family of foxes. The last day, he guards the camp all day and night, and feeds them again. He is finally a Tribe Guard, (in a Clan, a warrior) and he visits Valley. Moss saddly tells him she is blinded, and that the infection is rapidly spreading. They spend the night together, and at Moonhigh Valley wakes Fire - Valley sighed, chocking back a sob as she pressed her muzzle  into Fire's thick scruff. "I love you, Fire. Nothing will change that. If there really is something after death, I vow to watch over you, and hope we meet again!" ​- Fire is takenaback, but returns the vow.
Three moons later, Valley has died of her deadly infection. Fire grips the land, and Moss, dying, tells Fire it may be an omen that his dead mate is angry, angry he may not care for her anu longer. He flees, and manages to travel for a few sunrises. He reached a field, and passes through the Twoleg fence surrounded place. He escapes, and comes across a group of cats led by a rogue named Ash. He joines them, and a black she-cat, Darknight of RiverClan comes to them. She tells Ash all about how he is her brother, and invites both to the Clan on Ripplestar's and hers behalf. They accept, and are made warriors, Firewing temporarily mentoring Ashpaw, Firewing and Ashwing. There is another fire about seven moons later, and Cinderfur's leg is burnt trying to rescue ShadowClan kits. She is renamed Cinderleg. Firewing stands by her as she recovers, and they eventually become mates.
Firewing's life is only planned thus far.

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